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16 December 2019

The WHITE 8 trial has now a Twitter account. Follow us @8Copal for latest news and trial updates!

06 December 2018

David Melling and the research team at University Hospital Aintree, are the latest to join the WHiTE 8 trial. Very excited to have another of the Major Trauma Centres become a part of the WHiTE Cohort! 

05 December 2018

To read this month's newsletter, click on the link here

22 November 2018

The team from Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester are the latest to join us in recruting to the WHitE 8 study. Welcome to Chris Peach and the trauma research team there.

12 November 2018

Welcome to Inder Gill & his team at Salford Royal Hospital who have opened for recruitment today. We're looking forward to working with your team.

08 November 2018

Brian Riemer's research team at the University Hospital of Coventry, headed by Azra Arif, are the latest to open for recruitment to WHiTE 8. Welcome to you all! Also, today is the day that the new Patient Consent Checklist (V2.0 19Sep2018) should be used by all sites. This document was changed in Amendment 03.

05 November 2018

The first edition of the WHiTE 8 Newsletter was sent out today. We sent it using MailChimp, so please check your inbox and let us know if you didn't receive it. Here is a link to the newsletter. We will send one out monthly to update teams on recruitment, WHiTE 8 news and other important information relating to the trial.

18 October 2018

Yesterday, Queen's Medical Centre were open to recruitment (Welcome to Ben Ollivere, Jess Nightingale and the Nottingham UH research team) and today we're pleased to welcome Khitish Mohanty, Heather Jarvis and the rest of the team from University Hospital of Wales to the WHiTE 8 team.

12 October 2018

Today, we are happy to open Blackpool Victoria Hospital to recruitment. Welcome to Charalambos and his team.

10 October 2018

We've had a few issues lately with teams using cements that are not the WHiTE 8 cements. Please make sure your theatre staff are aware that the trial uses PALACOS R+G and COPAL G+C only. They cannot use PALACOS MV+G, COPAL G+V or any other variation of these cements. Thank you!

09 October 2018

100 Participants recruited as of today! Thank you all for the hard work you’ve put into the trial. We appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into screening patients, speaking to patients and their families, sending us the necessary forms and completing CRFs online.

27 September 2018

Hot on the heels of the JR & James Cook, we have now activated Leicester Royal Infirmary for recruitment to WHiTE 8. Welcome Ashwin Kulkarni & team!

25 September 2018

Once again, we have opened two hospitals to recruitment in one day. Welcome to the teams at the John Radcliffe Hospital (Graham Sleat & team) and at James Cook University Hospital (James Webb & team)!

19 September 2018

Yesterday we welcomed the Queen Alexandra Hospital team in Portsmouth to the trial (welcome to Charlotte Lewis & her team), and today the team at Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital (Sponsor site, with Mike Reed as PI) will begin recruitment to WHiTE 8. Exciting times!

14 September 2018

It's been a busy few weeks of SIVs and today Southmead Hospital has started recruting to the trial. Welcome to Tim Chesser and his research team, headed by Steven Barnfield.

13 September 2018

Amendment 01, which saw the addition of a GDPR data protection statement into the information sheets, cam into effect today. From this day, all sites should be using Version 2.0 (31Jul2018) of the WHiTE 8 Information Sheets.

10 September 2018

We have activated two sites today: A warm welcome to Poole Hospital (Mark Farrar, Carrie Colvin & team) and Royal Berkshire Hospital (Andrew McAndrew, Emma Craig & team)! 

04 September 2018

Welcome to Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital who have started recruiting to WHiTE 8. Welcome to Iain McNamara, Celia Whitehouse & the rest of their reserch team.

30 August 2018

Royal Victoria Infirmary is now open to recruitment. A warm welcome to Sharad Bhatnagar, Stuart Watson and the rest of the research team in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

16 August 2018

WHiTE 8 COPAL just received its Green Light activation from OCTRU and is now open to recruitment! Royal Cornwall Hospital was our first hospital to be activated and start recruitment. Happy to have Russel Hawkins, Jess Summers and the rest of the Cornwall trauma research team on board. Looking forward to getting a few more sites on board this month.

30 July 2018

WHiTE 8 COPAL is in its final stages for setup and will begin recruitment in early August 2018. Stay tuned to this page to see which sites are taking part and how we're doing with recruitment to the trial.